High quality finishes on balconies and terraces and walkways

Wallbarn pedestals, including the Megapads range, are the best way to construct high quality finishes on balconies and terraces and walkways.

Heavy duty adjustable pedestals are available to support both flags and timber decking.

The concrete deck will be built-to-falls and constructed lower than the door threshold. By using pedestals, installers can lift the slabs or decking up to the level of the doorway without compromising the structure.

With decking, all timber is lifted off the deck so surface water can run between and beneath the boards and slip hazards are reduced. None of the timber is subject to standing water, improving its lifespan. These pedestals are free standing, so no mechanical fixings penetrate the deck.

Concrete flags and natural stone paving can be laid onto the adjustable pedestals in creative patterns and are properly supported.

The plastic pedestals are rot-proof and moisture will not migrate through them. Their large base plates spread the weight evenly, avoiding point loading on the sub-deck.

Installation is super-fast and straightforward. Multiple cuts and fixings are reduced and if the deck beneath ever needs to be inspected, the surface can be lifted easily without disruption.

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