Getting your renovations back on track after now the lockdown has lifted

Realising that you will have had to halt your renovations as lockdown approached could have been devastating. Hopefully, you would not have had to live in a building site while things were at a halt. Now, however, it is time for things to get started again. Here are some of the things you should consider when trying to get things back on track.

Reassess Your Budget

Has your financial position shifted in any way during lockdown? Many people have had to dip into savings that they have been building for years, or they might even find that they have been able to save a little more as some of their usual expenses might have been not possible while things were locked down.

Whatever boat you are in, you need to make sure that you know where you sit financially. Before things get moving again with your renovations, you need to sit down and work out what your current financial position is. This will help tell you whether you have to make a few more cuts to the budget, or even whether you could afford a bit of a treat once everything is completed.

Go Through Preparations Again

If your renovations did not even start, you might find yourself having to repeat certain preparations to get your home ready for strangers like builders. For example, if you need to clear a room while an extension is put up, you might want to look into storage prices. This will allow you to get everything out the way and safe while changes are made.

Try to set up some zones where you can ensure social distancing and other important measures are kept in place. Speak to your project manager if you can, and they should be able to advise you. For example, if you have small children who are interested by the work, make sure that you watch them closely to ensure that they are staying at a good distance from the work, and make sure that they wash their hands well when coming back in.

Touch Base with Suppliers

Remember that lockdown has affected many parts of Europe and it might be more difficult for you to get your hands-on certain items that you wanted for your renovations. Therefore, once it looks like work is going to open at your site again, it might be a good idea to touch base with some of your suppliers.

Whether they are delivering something crucial like windows or something like new furniture, you need to find out what stage they are at with their reopening. Everyone will be working to different schedules at the moment, so it is important that we all try to line things up as best as we can to ensure that everything can reopen as smoothly as possible.

Be Patient

You could have a fairly simple renovation like a bathroom refit, or you could be in the middle of a complete overhaul of your house and home. No matter what, you need to make sure that you are spending adequate time ensuring that everything is up to standard and safe before proceeding with the renovations again. It is frustrating, and it can often feel like you are going nowhere, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Just remember, before you know it, the renovations could be over, and you will have something new to enjoy. This is all going to just take a little bit longer and there will be lots of patience needed from both you and your builders. Keep a calm head, and everything should progress much more smoothly.