Extend your summer with a She Shed

The rising She Shed trend is a great way to create a beautiful garden haven and extend your outdoor lifestyle now summer is drawing to a close.

She Sheds are becoming an increasingly popular ‘must have’ with women across the country reclaiming the often over-looked and cluttered garden shed to create beautiful outdoor havens.

By making good use of throws, heat lamps and even outdoor fire pits, they can provide a cosy place to connect with nature over the autumn months.

Like the Man Cave idyll, the She Shed is a place to escape, unwind, or even pursue hobbies and interests. However, She Sheds are also unashamedly feminine retreats designed to be aesthetically appealing both inside and out.

The perfect place to relax with a good book and glass of wine, they offer fabulous bonus living space and an attractive corner of tranquillity or hobby hub. But key is having a space to design in your own style.

Said Allison Chatten, lead designer at British soft furniture brand Icon said:

“She Sheds are a great way to design your own personal haven and create it exactly as you want. 

“They’re also perfect for extending enjoyment of the outdoors through autumn and winter with well placed heating and snuggly throws, particularly luxuriously soft faux fur.”

Among the growing sisterhood of She Shed adopters is Joanne Barnes of Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire, who created a sumptuously appointed outdoor shed within her picturesque garden. She has a popular Instagram account (@joanner3) where she catalogues the project. 

She said:

“I started with a plain shed (pictured), and began painting it and went from there really. I started to create a picture in my mind of what I wanted, and then by looking through magazines I found some pieces I liked.

“I’m really pleased with it now. I sit out there and read magazines and just enjoy the garden really. I do see it as an extension of the home.”For anyone else planning a girl’s garden haven, Allison has some tips for creating the perfect She Shed:

  • Before getting started, think about its purpose and how you will interact with it. Do you want a place to relax, read and enjoy the garden, or a hub for your hobby or crafting?
  • Consider your theme. Nautical and back to nature schemes are very popular at the moment, but it could be about colour, light or in Joanne’s case, all about complementing her wonderfully green garden.
  • While expressing yourself is part of the fun, it’s also important to think practically. Do you want to add electricity for lighting? A heater, heatlamp or firepit for when it gets a bit cooler? These are easier to add before you start rather than as afterthoughts. 
  • Use the space outside the shed. Joanne found that lightweight, water resistant furniture that is easy to move about works well for her.
  • Finally, take time to enjoy it. Choose a good book, glass of wine, sit back and relax.