Editor’s comment – May/June

Building your own home has to be one of the most satisfying things you can do in life, that is once all of the pain and suffering has subsided.

As the protagonist in our case study this month Paul Yeadon shows, having a good sense of humour about all of the tribulations is probably the secret to enjoying being a self-builder.

Paul’s strong views about some aspects of the construction industry led me to think that our expectations are perhaps lower than they should be. But there’s a bigger problem out there currently however when it comes to uk self-build, and that is even gaining entry in the first place if you’re not pretty comfortable financially.

The NaCSBA’s Michael Holmes welcomed the recent select committee report’s including concerns over growth of self-build. The deposits now being required to secure a serviced plot are excluding people lacking either very supportive banks (hard to come by), family (more common, but with their other issues) or their own private nest-egg.

Let’s hope that the various group self-build approaches being progressed across the uk and highlighted later in this news section come to fruition, allowing many more to experience the deep fulfilment of self-building.