Doing renovation work on your own

With rising costs, a proliferation of information available and easy-to-use products on the market more and more people are undertaking work on their homes themselves. But there are serious issues to think about. Using the right tools and equipment as well as workwear and safety shoes is essential. From April 6 2015 some homeowners having work undertaken will be subject to safety regulations. Here are some overarching issues to consider:

Doing the work alone
For someone undertaking renovation work alone on their own home the prime consideration should at all times is safe working. Of course, the quality of the work is another major factor. There are several elements to be dealt with before the work begins:

  • The work to be undertaken
  • The materials required
  • The tools required
  • The correct protective clothing

Planning is crucial. It can save time and money and more importantly highlight any hazards before they are met during the work. Potential threats to safe working can be dealt with before jobs are started and safe ways of working devised. The purchase of the correct materials is also important as it can safe added expense and waster time during the job.

Having the right tools and the correct safety wear is vital. Gloves to protect hands, shoes to protect feet and other appropriate wear for the job go hand in hand with having the right tools and equipment. Specialist suppliers such as Engelbert Strauss can help with this.

Planning permission
In the planning stage consideration must be given to whether or not the work will require planning permission. If the building is listed it may do so. If it is not but the work planned will add to the size, alter the appearance, or affect adjoining property, then the work may require planning permission. Interior work on a building that is not listed will not usually require planning permission unless it will affect adjoining property. If there is any doubt at all as to whether planning permission is required then advice should be sought from the local council. More information here. The second legal aspect concerns regulations and responsibilities that may apply.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 are clear that even if someone is having building work carried out on their own home or a family member’s the Regulations will apply and the homeowner will have responsibilities. The good news is that they will be classed as a domestic client and the responsibilities and duties that apply are passed on to others such as designers and contractors. Nonetheless it is worth understanding how this works and information can be found here.

Planning is essential and will help identify if planning permission is needed or other legislation applies. Using the right materials and ensuring the right tools, equipment and work wear are available are also of great importance. It is best to visit a specialist such as Engelbert Strauss to ensure this.