Do you need to update the fuse box in your house

Most people can easily locate the fuse box (or consumer unit) in their homes. This is often found around the front of the property. The fuse box regulates every electric circuit in your home which makes it the place you go to turn off your electrical power supply in case of an emergency.

You know it’s time for an upgrade when there is an old fuse box (or fuse board) containing numerous rewireable fuses or the old cartridge style fuses in your home or business. You should get the newer metal-backed fuse boxes (consumer units) with RCD protection and miniature circuit breakers (MCBs).

This upgrade provides your home and its occupants with greater protection from electrical hazards.

Here are more reasons why you may need to upgrade your fuse box

  1. You may need to add more circuits to the existing one like adding an extension, converting a garage, incorporating extra sockets, etc.
  2. When you need to alter the electrics in your kitchen or bathroom.
  3. You need to upgrade from the old wooden-style fuse box to a more metal one.
  4. When the fuses are always tripping off.

Why You Need a New Fuse Box

  1. Professional electricians often point out the importance of RCD which is not available in older fuse boxes. RCDs are potential lifesavers as they can detect small current leakages in the range of 5 – 30 mA and will disconnect your light in less than 400ms which helps to prevent electrocution and injury. Fuse boxes over 25 years old may not have an RCD.
  2. When you have unresponsive sockets or your lights are flickering, this is a sign that your fuse box may be deteriorating.
  3. Asbestos is harmful to the human body when breathed in. Asbestos flash guards are incorporated into old fuse boxes and its harmful nature is a good reason to make changes.
  4. If your fuse box is up to 10years old, it is more likely that the fuses may be losing potency. You should have it examined by a competent electrician.

How Much Will It Cost To Install A New Fuse Box?

The number of electrical circuits in your property will determine the cost of installing and testing a new fuse box/consumer unit.  Nevertheless YourJobCost estimates around £100 – £1000 for the installation of a new fuse box.

At the end of testing, the electrician records the results on an electrical installation certificate and provides you with a copy. The certificate indicates compliance with the requirement of BS 7671. It is wise to have the earth bonding and every electrical circuit checked at the same time the testing is carried out. Afterwards, an Electrical installation condition report (EICR) can be issued.

It is important to keep your property and its occupants safe from electrocution and other electrical hazards. To guarantee the safety of your property and its inhabitants, your fuse box (consumer unit) needs to be up to the task.

It is always advisable to invite a qualified electrician to check the fuse box if you are having any concerns. The best will give you honest advice regarding the continued use of the fuse box (they may not necessarily meet all the current safety regulations for continued usage). In cases where your fuse box needs to be upgraded urgently, a qualified electrician will inform you to get an immediate upgrade.