Centaur Technologies takes flight at RAF Cosford

RAF Cosford in Shropshire was the impressive setting for the launch of a new forcein liquid roofing – Centaur Technologies Limited.

The Lancashire-based company has been founded by Jeremy Gorick, the former managing director of Liquid Plastics, Phil Richardson, the former marketing and technical director of Liquid Plastics and Bob Stanfield, the former R&D director of Liquid Plastics. Together, they have a combined experience of more than 70 years in liquid roofing systems.

Many key industry figures came along to the event where Centaur Technologies also unveiled Centech PU, the world’s first ever hybrid polyurethane roofing system. This groundbreaking, UK manufactured product will bring a wealth of benefits to the industry.

Phil Richardson, managing director of Centaur Technologies, said: “We are very proud to launch Centaur Technologies, particularly in a climate where many companies are reducing their output. We have a huge wealth of industry and technical knowledge in the business and I am looking forward to building on those strengths and making this ambitious new company a major player in the liquid roofing market.”

Centech PU combines the characteristics of a traditional aromatic system with an aliphatic pre-polymer backbone to deliver superb performance and colourfastness. It has been developed with safety as a priority and utilises sophisticated stripped free-monomer technology, which makes it potentially far less hazardous than other systems available on the market.

Jeremy Gorick, chairman of Centaur Technologies, added: We have spent many months researching and developing this unique and cost effective new product. Itslaunch brings a major step forward for an industry which is ready for a new breed of products that bring innovation with no compromises.”

Exceptionally durable, rapid curing (even under water) and boasting an extremely high tensile strength, the system offers guaranteed waterproofing characteristics and is quick and easy to apply.

For added convenience and value, Centech PU utilises the same low odour, UV stable liquid coating for the base coat and the top coat. The system comprises of a roller or spray applied base coat, followed by the Centech GFM 225 gram emulsionbound chopped glass fibre mat to reinforce the system. One final top coat completes the waterproofing system.

Centech PU is available in two colours – light grey and medium grey. The full system is also backed by a comprehensive 10, 15 or 20 year guarantee for both the product and workmanship. The guarantee is provided under the Centaur Quality Partnership scheme. This brings together a group of skilled and accredited contractors who are specially trained by Centaur Technologies to achieve the highest standards of installation.

For further information on Centaur Technologies or Centech, please call the enquiry line on 01772 453107 or visit www.centaurroofing.co.uk.