Cast your mind forward

Ornate Interiors MD Ronnie Clifford wants you to break the mould…

This is a call to arms!  We want you to break the mould and unlock the unlimited potential of your interior spaces.

We have a very real chance to shape the future quite literally by considering the incredible possibilities of plaster and mouldings within buildings. After all who said walls should be flat?

It’s time that we rediscovered the spirit of the 18th Century neoclassical architect Robert Adam. His approach pushed back the boundaries of what is possible and anything is possible when you work with plaster and mouldings.

This is a vision from the past that we need to recreate for our times. We need to change our perceptions and realise that the only limitation is our imagination.

There is no reason why we can’t turn spaces into works of art. Plaster and mouldings can shape the identity of spaces in stunning new ways with contemporary cornice and centrepiece designs, for example, just a tiny part of the story.

Plaster is the perfect medium with which to break new ground. It’s lightweight, strong, very flexible and environmentally friendly, an important consideration in these times, and its innate versatility means that we can effectively mould anything into reality.

We’ve adopted this approach with features at many private residential projects and the results make spaces dance to a far more interesting and exciting tune.

Anyone involved in the creation or refurbishment of a building wants to leave their mark and few methods can bring these ideas to life as effectively as mouldings and plasterwork.

Early in the 20th century the Art Deco movement proved to be a refreshing approach that reflected the times and we need that kind of thinking once again.

The message is clear. The potential of plasterwork is quite literally unlimited and more homeowners need to think outside the box when it comes to this flexible material.

Do you share the vision? It’s time to break that mould and use your own creativity to literally shape the physical dimensions and look of interiors. Are you with us?