Baufritz fuses traditional and contemporary forms

German prefabricated housing designer and manufacturer, Baufritz, has unveiled its new show home, Heimat 4.0.

Heimat 4.0., roughly translated to “feeling at home”, is designed to demonstrate how prefabricated housing can effectively combine traditional features with contemporary living.

On the ground floor, elements of traditional living are revived. The open plan kitchen-dining-living space can be used for everything from cooking and meeting with friends to doing homework. The living and dining areas are divided by a traditional ceramic stove. A secluded alcove with a sofa set into the wall and a built in library provide a place to retreat and rest. A home office and a guest toilet complete the ground floor, while direct access to the terrace and garden makes for a living area drenched in natural light.

The first floor boasts four bedrooms including three children’s rooms, two of them with space saving split-level sleeping galleries and a third with a cuddly bed niche along with an exciting play area. The three bedrooms share a children’s bathroom. Parents can retreat to the spacious master bedroom with build in furniture, own dressing room and ensuite bathroom.

The self-contained apartment on the lower ground floor functions as a spacious workshop; a place to indulge in hobbies such as woodworking. In front, an integrated wood bench, known as “Bänkle” expresses references traditional farmhouse flair.

Heimat 4.0 also has a barn for small animals and integrated raised beds for growing flowers or vegetables. The annex is equipped with a wood-burning oven to make bread and pizza which, together with the adjacent barn, give subtle hints to self-sustainable life.

Baufritz has also partnered with German pellet heating system specialist ÖkoFEN, to use only the latest developments in pellet boiler technology. The integrated Stirling engine, photovoltaic system and battery generate and store green energy. Also installed is a non-central ventilation system, AAA walls, under floor heating and triple biological thermal insulation – all of which fulfil the criteria of a KfW 40 energy-saving house.

Equipped with the latest KNX Bus system Heimat 4.0 is an economical smart home. It gives its users the ability to freely adjust any lighting settings according to individual preferences using handheld and in-build devices. Further, effective X-and-E electro smog protection technology delivers Electromagnetic protection.

Baufritz uses non-toxic, certified and organic building materials throughout its buildings.

Oliver Rehm, CEO of Baufritz UK said that the new show home demonstrates Baufritz’s “passion for and expertise in sustainable, prefabricated design – suited to 21st century living.”