Award-winning LED lighting project slashes energy bills and saves over 850 Tonnes of CO2

Three forward-thinking companies on the Isle of Man are revolutionising their office lighting with the latest LED technology.

With the help of award-winning lighting manufacturer, MHA Lighting, three companies with offices in Catalina Property Services’ St. Mary’s Court, a 36,000 square foot commercial building in Douglas, are significantly reducing their lighting energy consumption – savings are estimated to exceed £300,000 and 850 Tonnes of Co2.

The project recently scooped the ‘Best Practice in the Private Sector’ category in the Isle of Man’s Energy Awards 2013. The awards acknowledge the achievements of the Isle of Man businesses and public sector organisations that are reducing their energy consumption and improving efficiency.

With its low energy luminaires and proven ability to design bespoke, precision lighting solutions – MHA Lighting was chosen to replace all the existing fluorescent fittings in the St. Mary’s Court offices and lobby areas of Charlemagne Capital (IOM) Ltd, Nedbank Private Wealth Ltd and Tristao Services Ltd.

Catalina Property Services, said:

“After discussions with our residents about rising electricity costs, increased pressures to reduce carbon emissions and ways to improve light levels in our building – we sought a lighting supplier who could deliver on our strict brief:

“To find a lighting solution that would improve light quality for our leaseholders, whilst significantly reducing St. Mary’s Court’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.”

After meticulously investigating and researching various fittings from different suppliers to find the optimal light solution, MHA Lighting’s TiLites were chosen that supplied 80CRI and 4000 kelvin colour temperature.

This particular combination can significantly enhance the working environment, which is also known to aid concentration – contributing to a greater feeling of wellbeing amongst the staff.

The project saw a total of 227 award-winning TiLite (TL) luminaires installed in the offices and lobby areas of the three companies. This included 160 TL30/700, 53 TL24/700, and 14 TL20 fittings.

This has reduced combined annual lighting energy consumption at St. Mary’s Court from, 153,925kW/h (annual cost of £20,780) to just 55,053kW/h. Mutual annual energy bills have therefore been reduced to an average of just £7,432 per annum.

Through their low-energy LED Luminaires, MHA Lighting was also able to achieve a significant reduction in Co2 production for the offices, equating to product lifetime Co2 savings of 853 tonnes (an average of 55 tonnes per year).

Due to the lighting system’s design and high-reliability, the units also extremely low maintenance and will run for 60,000 hours of continuous use. With Charlemagne Capital’s 14, Nedbank Private Wealth’s 15 and Tristao Services’ 13 hour a day operations – the lights will not need replacing for 16, 15 and 18 years respectively.

This makes for additional savings on maintenance costs of £56,382 over the products’ lifetime – bringing total lifetime savings to £310,737.

Catalina Property Services, added:

“We are pleased to say that MHA Lighting has been able to offer a solution that delivered on all our collective goals.

“By replacing the lighting in the offices of our residents with MHA Lighting’s low-energy LED fittings, not only are they seeing real cost savings on their energy bills – over £300,000 is expected, but the light colour, output and uniformity is superb and the initial feedback is that staff are benefiting from the improved lighting levels. more follows…

“We are only two months into the project and already actual meter readings for June suggest we are ahead of the projected lighting energy savings. To have our project win the Best Practice category in this year’s Energy Awards further validates our switch to LED lighting and fulfils our aim to help to set a benchmark for other energy saving projects on the Isle of Man.”

The installations have fully serviced warranties of ten years – this is three above the standard for similar LED lighting installations. The life of the driver used to power the units is 66,000 hours and after the useful life of the Philips LED, the individual residents will have a further 6,000 hours in which to determine whether to refurbish or replace the lights.

Catalina Property Services continued: “It is incredibly important to us to work with a company like MHA Lighting, as they understand the intricacies of what is involved and who listen to what is being asked of them.

“Their products have more than exceeded our expectations and we are delighted to have been able to work closely with MHA to find the right solution for St. Mary’s Court. MHA Lighting’s expert and experienced team caused no intrusion during installation, which was completed outside of the offices’ opening hours, causing zero disruption to the residents’ day-to-day operations.”

Tom Harrison, MHA Lighting MD, said:

“It has been a pleasure to work alongside Catalina Property Services and the three organisations on this project. Their commitment to the green agenda and becoming carbon neutral is truly impressive. Their recent award-win demonstrates what commitment and the right technology can achieve – we are delighted to be playing our part in helping them achieve their goal.”

“We look forward to taking on the next lighting challenge on the Isle.”