5 ways to improve your home in 2021

Whether you’re building your very own home from scratch and simply do not know where to begin with interior and exterior decorations, or if you’re adding an extension and looking to make a few improvements to the existing part of your property, then checkout this useful blog below from the team at LIV for Interiors to discover 5 simple ways to update and improve your home in 2021.

1. Choose the right windows

There are a few different factors to consider when replacing or choosing new windows for your build and it’s essential to get it right in order to add value to your property. From material choices including wood, aluminium and uPVC to colour and insulation, take time to ensure you achieve the right match for your property. Many companies offer CAD drawings so you can see how an array of window styles will look on your build before you commit to purchasing – we highly recommend doing this before making any really big decisions.

Thermal performance is important to meet building regulations and all replacement windows should have a U value – the lower the number the better the insulation. It’s also important to have thermal efficient windows to help reduce your heating bills; windows are large areas so it’s important not to waste energy through them. Good insulation can make the difference between needing to turn the heating on during late October and being comfortable well into the winter. It can also help to cut down on drafts, make your home more secure and stop noise pollution too.

“It’s also important to note that although there are cheaper, or alternative window frames out there, all properties have a face value, particularly traditional houses. Don’t underestimate the impact replacement windows will have on the overall look of the property. Keep the style of the house in mind, as the wrong windows can devalue the property or reduce its appeal. In the long run it is best to keep or restore the authenticity of the property and add value rather than cut corners,” says Ryan Schofield, Managing Director, Thames Valley Window Company.

2. Take a look at your walls and floors

Your walls and floors will form the basis of your décor scheme and will allow you to complete the room by adding complementing or contrasting soft furnishings. 

Add interest to your room by using wallpaper and tiles. Bold designs and bright shades work perfectly in small spaces such as cloakrooms where you can afford to be imaginative and have a bit of fun. Check out the beautiful range of tiles from CTD Tiles along with MissPrint’s wonderful collection of hand-illustrated, eco wallpaper, which is splash proof too, ideal for use in the bathroom.

Top tip: Tie the look together by selecting one or two of the colours from the wallpaper into your accessories or choose a complementing paint shade in the same colour palette as your tiles to create a seamless and cohesive interior.

3. Replace Existing Brassware

Brassware choices might be fairly low down on your list of priorities when renovating your home, however it can make all the difference to a tired and out-dated bathroom and it’s super easy to do. A simple injection of on-trend brushed brass or matt-black brassware available from a contemporary bathroom brand such as Crosswater, can make all the difference and add a fresh and modern finish to the bathroom without the need for a full-scale renovation.

4. Add a Wood Burning Stove

An essential focal point of the home is a wood burning stove. Not only is a wood burner a key heating element used throughout the winter months, it also provides a cosy spot for friends and family to gather around. With an array of modern or traditional styles available, there’s a perfect stove for your new home.

For those building a brand new modern abode, minimalistic in style, opt for a contemporary design such as the new Lagom stove from Arada with its curvaceous silhouette, or choose the boxlike structure of the i600 model for a seriously stylish and sleek addition to your living space.

If you’re updating an older property, or perhaps adding an extension and want a stove a little more in-keeping with the building’s character, select a traditional wood burner such as the Hamlet Stove. Its classic façade is guaranteed to remain timeless and look elegant in any setting, and with it being clearSkies approved you can rest easy in the knowledge that the stove is better for the environment too. 

5. Flood Light into The Home

It’s well known that light helps to create a feeling of space and a roof lantern is a perfect way to achieve this. With an array of styles to suit all property types, and with the trend for combining old with the new, adding a roof lantern and a selection of mirrors from the likes of Juliettes Interiors will ensure your home will feel bright and roomy.

We hope you’ve found these key tips from the interior gurus over at Liv for Interiors blog helpful. For further interior inspiration and plenty of decorating ideas to help inspire you throughout your self-build project check out their blog here.