2020 and beyond

2020 has been a difficult year for so many families and businesses as we have had to face up to the COVID-19 pandemic. For much of the year so far, the UK and countries around the world have been closed down to a large extent and are only now beginning to re-open. People remain cautious about getting back to normal too quickly but as businesses start to open their doors again, it is time for us at EverEdge to look forward. EverEdge is a small Staffordshire based business with a global reach and we have been fortunate through the pandemic that our loyal customers have continued to specify EverEdge products in both domestic and commercial projects around the world.

Demand for domestic gardens has been strong as customer have been home looking at what they can do to improve their home and gardens and commercial projects, although closed for a time, have now restarted in sectors as diverse as new builds, retail buildings, hospitals and public parks. In these sectors, EverEdge have been asked to supply edging materials, planters and custom made steel walls and cladding. Construction and landscaping are two sectors that are vital to the UKs emergence from lockdown as they provide employment and a way to grow out of some of the difficulties we now face. EverEdge are primed and ready to do our bit with production facilities now fully open and busily producing our full range of products.

The EverEdge core range includes steel edging products for lawns, paths, driveways and public spaces. On top of this is the range of steel planters which can be specified to virtually shape and size and are being used right now on podium gardens, office buildings and private houses. Contact us now for information on any of our range and, as ever, stay well and stay safe.