12 things you need to know about swimming pool design and installation

Installing luxury swimming pools is becoming a growing trend amongst the home owners and they want the latest innovations.

It’s possible to have so many lavish, bespoke extras in pool design such as moveable floors, bespoke tile design and swim training systems installed but how does that fit into the design and build of a home?

Award-winning swimming pool design and build experts, Aqua Platinum Projects, share the fundamentals of swimming pool design and installation with these 12 things that need to be considered:

1. Rendering a pool ensures there minimal or no cuts in the tile finish, engineering the design back from this point is key

2. Anti-slip tiles or stone laid on the immediate pool surround reduces the slip risk

3. Use of natural stone within the pool is popular and consider the suitability of the products for permanent submersion in pool water

4. Bespoke fittings and features ensure the best aesthetic and have minimal impact on the overall architectural design

5. It is always best to  allow enough plant room space to not compromise on the selection of features and specification

6. Technical plant areas for steam rooms and saunas should always be in close proximity

7. Do not underestimate the requirements for an air handling plant and ductwork void space

8. Also, the space required for balance tanks in deck-level pools and associated access areas may impact the pool surround aesthetic

9. Recognising the significant cost differences between deck-level pools and freeboard pools is essential

10. High end residential pools should never have more than a 4 hour turnover for filtration, it is always best to try and achieve 3 hours or less if plant space and budget permits

11. For best water clarity, the highest quality filters and pumps are necessary

12. It is always best to have automatic chemical PH dosing for low level chlorine, paired with medium pressure UV or ozone for the perfect water sanitisation