It’s time for timber

Andrew Orriss of the Structural Timber Association explains the basics around choosing structural timber, and why it holds so much promise for self-builds, particularly on sustainability grounds Structural timber is now used across over a quarter of all new homes... View Article

The major benefits of buying a new build property

Buying a new build is an excellent choice for any prospective homeowner. They make the perfect starter or family homes and have a wealth of potential for creating your ideal home. New builds are also highly cost-effective and a safe... View Article

Interior design for the festive period

The days are definitely getting shorter, the festive adverts are on the tv, and towns and cities across the country are switching on their lights. And while this Christmas may not be like past Christmas’, that doesn’t mean we can’t... View Article

Pocket and planet

Here Paul Bailey of Grohe UK answers FAQs on how water-saving products can be incorporated into self-builders’ bathroom projects, to save them money and help the planet With a staggering 32 per cent of household daily water usage used for... View Article

Are Brits accident prone at home?

Do you consider yourself accident-prone at home? Or are you good at avoiding injury in your personal space? Whichever way you see yourself, it seems that many Brits need to be more careful in their household. Research done by no... View Article

Top tips for the treatment of woodworm

Woodworm is actually a common furniture beetle. A wood-boring insect. The destruction that an infestation causes can be traced to the larvae that dwell in timber and feed on it as a source of nutrition; boring huge, narrow tunnels. When... View Article

How to hire a man and van in Liverpool

Liverpool is a large, thriving city that is just as diverse and full of opportunities as London or Glasgow. With a population of only 500,000, this city is far less dense than other large cities of its calibre. Additionally, Liverpool’s... View Article

The quickest way to book a plumber in Bournemouth

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Choosing the right storage company in Brixton

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A guide to plastering a period home

Before you considering painting a wall in a period home, it’s important to look to see if the wall requires some repair work. If the plaster has been steadily deteriorating over the years, but the overall building structure is fine,... View Article

Do you need to update the fuse box in your house

Most people can easily locate the fuse box (or consumer unit) in their homes. This is often found around the front of the property. The fuse box regulates every electric circuit in your home which makes it the place you... View Article

How to add value to your home

The housing market may have taken a downturn at the start of the year, but things are on the up – in part thanks to the Government’s stamp duty holiday. If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market... View Article

The evolution of Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban, also known as Yakisugi, is an ancient Japanese technique that preserves wood using fire. Although fire is known to be hazardous to wood, strange as it may sound, when used in controlled measures, it significantly improves wood’s... View Article