Westbury products sound & secure

Westbury Windows & Joinery has recently published its latest in a string of successful test results.

Following on from its energy and security (PAS24) achievements in 2016 Westbury’s products have now also had acoustic assessment too.

The products, including casement and sliding sash windows, and French doors, were independently tested at a UKAS-accredited laboratory and performed well across the board; particularly in the reduction of traffic noise.

However, the unexpected star of the show was the French doorset; a product that is notorious, industry-wide, for poor sound insulation. To our knowledge, no other timber door manufacturer has published an acoustic test result for a French doorset, yet Westbury’s has proved to be as effective as a casement window, scoring 38Rw on the Weighted Sound Reduction Index (meaning it reduces sound by approximately 38 decibels!).

Westbury’s combination of classic, heritage design with high tech performance, makes its windows and doors the ideal solution for any new build or renovation project located near to a busy road, railway, flight path or factory.

Videos of the testing in action can be found on www.westburyjoinery.com/performance/acoustic/