Presenting Kevin McCloud’s New Green Heroes for 2017

Kevin McCloud’s ‘Green Heroes’ will return to Grand Designs Live at the NEC, proudly sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements from 11– 15 October 2017.

This handpicked selection showcases the best eco-innovations, for home builders, owners and design enthusiasts and will sit at the heart of the exhibition, providing a platform for eco-conscious designers to present their latest ground-breaking designs and products.

Recognised as the face of the Grand Designs brand, Kevin McCloud has an extensive knowledge of the latest technologies, materials and innovative sustainable practices at work in the construction and interiors market. Building on his experience, Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes, is inspired by his passion for innovative eco-friendly product design and green building products.

See below this year’s list of brands that have been carefully curated by Kevin:

Claire Potter Design
Artistic lights made from recycled plastic bottles
Tackling the issue of our country’s addiction to single use plastic bottles, using 38.5 million each day, Claire Potter upcycles used plastic bottles, manipulating them into unique sculptural light fixtures. Kevin feels particularly strongly about the landfill and incineration of some 16 million plastic bottles every day. He says ‘Let’s not just recycle them but reinvent them, as Claire Potter does, and upcycle them into beautiful and useful objects’.

Light Earth Blocks
Eco-conscious building material
Waste by-products; heat from brickworks, straw from the farm, earth and chalk from the ground, are combined to create insulating and structurally beautiful earth blocks, ideal for eco-conscious builders and home owners. Kevin sees this product as a beacon,

“Pointing the way forward as to how we can build with intelligent products made from the cast-offs of our world.”

GIY Mycofoam
Natural Mushroom® insulation as a healthy, easy to install, fire resistant insulation product
This Grow-It-Yourself foam aims to replace plastic foams like Styrofoam with an Earth friendly alternative. While Mushroom® packaging products are already in use, the development of Mushroom® Insulation, as well as material for acoustic lining and aquatic assistance products (such as hand paddles for surfers) among a multitude of other uses provide boundless possibilities for viable eco-friendly alternatives to existing products.

Coffee Logs by Bio-Bean
Sustainable eco-friendly fuel source made from used coffee grounds
These premium eco briquettes are made from recycled coffee grounds, each log is made up of the used grounds from 25 cups of coffee, which will significantly reduce the amount of such waste, which would otherwise be sent to landfill sites. This innovative fuel source offers a local, sustainable alternative to conventional solid fuels, fossil fuels and imported woody biomass. With a hotter, longer burn than wood, they can be used in solid fuel stoves, chimineas and open fires, providing affordable warmth and saving the planet, one cup of coffee at a time!

Huskee Cup
Durable, reusable cup made from coffee husk
The first step toward fulfilling the mission of realising sustainability for cafes and home users and achieving zero waste at coffee farms, the Huskee Cup utilises a waste product to create a chip and crack resistant vessel that is also engineered to keep your coffee hotter for longer. Kevin says,

“While some of my previous Green Heroes have concentrated on bio-diesel and energy production from coffee waste, Huskee Cup is something actually made from coffee waste – a dishwasher-friendly, dura-ble, insulating cup and mug. Better functioning than many cheap ceramics in fact and very beautiful.”

3D printed non-electrical heater than can heat an entire room
Born to combat the waste of continuous electrical energy used for heating domestic environments, Egloo, offers an alternative for fuelled heating. The 3D printed design is simple: Egloo features a double-dome layout where the smaller, inner dome heats up quickly, then slowly radiates heat to the outer dome so that the unit remains safe enough to touch. The design only takes about five minutes to reach its highest heat and with four candles inside it, will last long enough to heat a 20-square-meter (215-square-foot) space for up to five hours.

Piñatex by Ananas Anam
Piñatex is a sustainable alternative to leather, made from pineapple leaf fibres
This ecological leather substitute, made from pineapple leaves, is naturally produced as a by-product of the pineapple harvest. The raw material requires no additional land, water, fertiliser or pesticide to produce, and provides an additional income stream to pineapple farmers. Ananas Anam is collaborating directly with farmers in the Philippines to create a vibrant, stable industry that supports social and economic community development.

The Used Kitchen Company
The original and most extensive online marketplace for used and ex-display kitchens
This service makes great ecological and financial sense for buyers and sellers alike, offering hundreds of high quality designer kitchens at greatly reduced prices, often at up to 70 per cent off RRP.

Transparent Speaker
Sustainably produced, aesthetically unique speakers
Stripped of all but the most essential functions, made sustainably and harnessing tech where needed, Transparent Speaker is a distillation of the essentials that make a speaker fit with our modern lives. Built-in amplifier features and embedded digital signal processing (DSP) translate into a rich, full, balanced sound and is compatible with Apple’s Airport Express or Googles Chromecast Audio dongle for high resolution music over Wi-Fi.

Palm based plywood, panelling, flooring, veneer and lumber
Harnessing the vast swathes of palm timber across Central America, Africa, the Pacific Islands and South-East Asia, DuraPalm will provide jobs in a sustainable industry. As well as offering a viable alternative to cutting old growth trees, palm plywood, panelling and veneer can be fabricated for residential and commercial use in a variety of instances throughout the home, from flooring, to cabinetry to furniture and much more.