Omnie for Sutton Coldfield House UFH

The refurbishment of a substantial private house in one of the Midlands’ most popular areas has underlined not just the versatility and performance capabilities of the underfloor heating systems available from Omnie, but also the comprehensive design support available from one of the sector’s most eminent manufacturers.

The entire ground floor of the property in Sutton Coldfield, close to parkland and a popular golf course, now benefits from the installation of the Omnie ClipPlate underfloor heating network. The rooms served include the spacious lounge, kitchen, family room, dining room, utility, hall, cloakroom and a guest suite.

Omnie always offers customers a comprehensive specification and design service to help ensure the completed project achieves the client and consultant’s objectives and the plans for the extensive Sutton Coldfield property stand out for the density of pipe connections necessary around key central floor areas.

The very detailed layout provides guidance on both distribution routes and individual room patterns.  In total, over 1500 metres of the rugged, 16mm diameter polybutylene pipes were laid into the preformed upstands of the ClipPlate panels, and connected back to two custom built, eight port Omnie manifolds. These are located adjacent to the utility room and cloakroom, allowing the individual zones to be isolated during commissioning and balancing.

With a design flow temperature of 550 centigrade, the underfloor heating option not only frees the downstairs wall-space of radiators, but provides excellent comfort levels for occupants while also helping to optimise the performance of the home’s high efficiency, gas condensing boiler.

A Surrey based contractor, who specialises in retrofit and conversion work, Unlimited Repairs, carried out the installation of the ClipPlate baseboard and pipework, following Omnie’s   guidance documents.

Omnie’s well proven and widely specified ClipPlate system simplified installation by avoiding the need for staples or other clips; with the individual runs of pipe being rapidly pressed into place before testing and the laying of the finished screed.

The panels interlock and protect the pipes from being displaced or damaged by other trades working in the area or from floating up as the screed is laid and finished. The panels are also available with integral insulation to enhance the thermal performance of the completed floor structure.