New ‘Calor Compact’ gas heating launched for rural selfbuilds

Rural energy provider Calor has launched the Calor Compact – a new, easy and discreet way to heat your selfbuild home if you’re building on a plot that doesn’t have access to mains gas.

Undertaking a selfbuild project in the countryside can leave you feeling a bit stuck when it comes to fuelling things such as your heating, hot water, fires and cookers.

Oil is often the default option if there’s no mains gas access, but this means you have an unsightly tank ruining your garden space. It can also put you at risk of fuel theft – not to mention the dangers an oil leak can pose to the environment and potential clean up costs.

Well now there’s a solution that lets you have all the convenience of mains gas – the Calor Compact.

The Calor Compact is made up of four gas bottles, neatly contained in a secure protective housing. Best of all, you get the added reliability and reassurance of automatic gas delivery with Calor’s clever top-up technology.

Matt Masters, Innovation Manager at Calor, said:

“The Calor Compact really is a space saver, as it can be tidily tucked away against your property, making it suitable for any selfbuild project. It’s perfect if you’re building on a small plot and don’t have the garden space for a bulk tank or access required for deliveries, so you now have a choice of storage options no matter what your requirements.

“You don’t need to worry about installation holding your project up either, as the Calor Compact is really quick to fit, and in most cases we can install the system in a few hours. The smart top-up technology monitors your gas level and lets us know when the bottles need changing, and we’ll come and swap the empty ones – it really is hassle-free.”

So for more information on the Calor Compact or to learn why Calor LPG is the clever choice for your rural selfbuild, call Calor on 0800 121 7827 or visit