How to use flooring to make your property look bigger

When it comes to designing the interior of your home, space will always be an important factor, and matters of size are a contentious topic in today’s property market. Be it the shape of a room or simply a lack of storage, making the most of the space you’re working with doesn’t necessarily require expensive home improvements.

An often overlooked area of a home’s design, flooring can play a key role in the appearance of a room – which is why we’re offering you some top tips on how to use flooring to transform your property and maximise the potential of every room in the house. Whether you’re preparing to sell or just settling in, by finding the right flooring, you’ll be one step closer to creating a home you love.

Go big for better effect

It’s easy to think that to make a room look bigger everything inside should be made smaller, but to really open up a room, flooring is a great place to start. By avoiding strips (boards that are 3” and under) and opting for planks will help you create an illusion of a wider floor plan.

Smaller floor strips can make a space feel cluttered, which is why choosing larger planks can help to maximise space. Whether you’re opting for solid oak flooring or a vinyl tile, the same rules applies – whatever flooring you’re going to use, go big to help your rooms appear more spacious.

Experiment with positioning

Simply by experimenting with alternative flooring positioning, you can maximise the effect that your flooring has on your property. Perfect when providing a backdrop against clean and contained areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, this technique maximises the effect of upholstery and facilities, as well as space.

Laying materials in a diagonal position is guaranteed to make a room appear bigger – as the eye perceives the room from a completely different perspective – and will also add a sense of quirky style. The technique evokes visual interest, and the trick of the eye will naturally expand the parameters of the room.

Combine the right colours

A classic decorating trick, colour combinations are perfect for DIY lovers hoping to get creative. When it comes to space enhancing colour combinations there are two options: either match or clash – and when done well, both options can result in a visually enhanced space.

Matching colour combinations are best kept to cool colours, whereas clashing combos are perfect when pairing rich dark wood flooring with a light, cool shade of paint on walls and trims. For added effect, add crown molding in a lighter shade in order to draw eyes up to the corners and really expand a room.

Perfect using patterns

Not only is this trick truly transformational for space, it’s also perfect for homeowners wanting to welcome style and personality into their property. Embracing patterned flooring is guaranteed to enhance your property all round and by placing patterned flooring in lesser loved areas like the hallway, you can improve all areas of the home. The visual attention drawn to flooring by patterns, especially when using large format tiles, creates an illusion of enhanced space – as the floor is widened out by the pattern.

Find flooring you love, and run with it

While still opting for large format designs, and to emphasise size throughout your home, find a tile you love and use it continuously throughout your rooms to create an uninterrupted flow. This trick allows you to connect neighbouring rooms and create the sense of one larger spatial network. If you’d prefer to switch up your flooring options, try staying in the same colour family in order to maintain the effects of this top trick.

Often overlooked and rarely given the attention it deserves, flooring can truly transform your home. Whether its size or style, flooring is a vital component when it comes to maximising the potential of your home – and with these simple tips, you can do it yourself with minimum cost and chaos.