Custom Build Representative is elected to NaCSBA, a letter to the housing minister

By Gus Zogolovitch

Ever since I completed my own self-build in 2009, I have been a huge supporter of the self-build sector. It seemed evident to me that self-build and custom build are great innovations to solve the housing crisis by giving people the best opportunity of living in a home they want at a price they can afford.

My passion led me to set up Inhabit Homes as London’s first custom-build developer and to contribute to the custom-build sector by speaking at numerous events, working with DCLG, HCA, and buttonholing numerous Government officials to help build the sector.

I was therefore delighted to learn that I had been elected to the executive committee of NaCSBA as the Custom Build Representative. Over the next three years (unless there is a snap election!), I plan to help grow the sector by encouraging existing developers to join us and inspiring new developers to start up. My vision is that by 2020, many more of us will be living in, commissioning or building our very own self-build or custom build home. Just as many of us could not go back to our old Nokia phones, so, by 2020, I hope we can say the same about house builder cookie-cutter houses and drafty and maintenance-ridden period property.

Meanwhile over at Westminster, another year, another housing minister. We at Inhabit Homes warmly welcome Alok Sharma to the job. We have written previously to Alok’s predecessor about our suggestions on how to solve the housing crisis, and since it really hasn’t been that long, we thought we’d repost our ideas. You can read our letter to him here.