Floods, SuDS and paving

When you are planning a new or replacement drive, patio or other paving, whether around an existing home or as part of a new-build, you probably don’t think about where the rainwater landing on it will end up. But taking... View Article

Integrating technology into a project

Integrating technology into a self-build project is fast becoming the norm. CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) discusses what can be achieved by installing technology in the most important rooms in your house Bedrooms Comfort and style play... View Article

Future proofing

  Damion and Melanie Rothner took the stress out of their self-build with good research, forward planning and a reliable PM, by Heather Dixon Not everyone gets to see their house built at a national trade show before it arrives... View Article

Building your own home – what can Councils do to help?

Many self-build registers are now set up, and the government’s self-build portal lists much of the country as having minimal plots available. Writing before the government announced its plan to directly commission the construction of ‘starter’ homes on publicly owned... View Article

NaCSBA launches online Custom and Self-build Toolkit

Promoted at the NaCSBA Council Leader Downing Street Summit the new customandselfbuildtoolkit.org.uk website carries advice about self-building to help councils support and advance custom build sites. The Toolkit is the culmination of the NaCSBA’s 12-month nationwide research and development programme,... View Article

Housing Minister visits Self-Build Community

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis MP recently visited Stoke-on-Trent to support the city council’s ambitious plans for new housing. He visited Farm View, in Penkhull, a council-owned parcel of land that the authority cleared, constructed a road through and created six... View Article

Hand housing back to communities to solve the building crisis

A new report from cross-party think tank Demos calls on the government to support local authorities and help them do more to tackle the UK’s housing crisis, by encouraging community-led developments and pushing for greater transparency in decision-making. The report,... View Article
John Meaden

Home security – still a low priority for homeowners

Despite approved document Q – Security – Dwellings taking effect from 1 October new research from Toolstation, the trade and DIY supplier, has revealed that home security is a low priority for British homeowners. UK homeowners actually rated fitting draught... View Article

Self-build development for South London

RUSS, a community self-build group that aims to provide homes for those priced out of the housing market, has been named preferred bidder by Lewisham Council to deliver homes in Lewisham, South London. RUSS will develop a scheme of 30... View Article

NaCSBA hosts high-level summit at Downing Street

At the beginning of December the NaCSBA hosted a high-level summit at Downing Street where Council Leaders were urged to become ‘champions’ of self and custom build housing. The Council Leaders that attended the Summit heard from a number of... View Article

RIBA recognises the Flint House

The RIBA House of the Year was awarded to the best new house designed by an architect in the UK. The award, sponsored by Hiscox Home Insurance, was presented to Skene Catling de la Pena Architects’ Flint House. The house... View Article

WRC drain inspections: why? Servo Rod explains

When you are looking into building an extension, it can be easy to get carried away with the finer details such as decorating your new space, and the guests you can invite over. It’s important to know that before you... View Article